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Next, click on iTunes tab in the top Menu Bar of your Mac and then click on Preferences option in the drop-down menu. On the Preferences screen, click on the General tab, check the box for Show Apple Music Features. And click on OK. Steps 4, 5 and 6 are applicable in case a software glitch or iTunes bug was preventing Apple Music from appearing in iTunes on your Mac.

  1. Manage Iphone Apps Mac
  2. Find My Iphone App Mac
  3. Iphone Wont Show Up In Music App Mac 2017

Q: “When I create a playlist on my iPhone, it does not show in iTunes. Playlists I create in iTunes and transfer to my iPhone show up in both iTunes and my iPhone, but new songs I add to those playlists via my iPhone do not show when I connect my iPhone to iTunes. Sorry if this is too much information. I really just want to know why playlists I create on my iPhone do not show in iTunes in the ‘On This iPhone’ tab when my phone is connected.”

Generally speaking, you can use iTunes to easily transfer playlists from iPhone to iTunes or sync from iTunes to iPhone in the vice versa. However, there are still some users having a problem while doing so and finding the iPhone playlists not showing up in iTunes when connecting the iPhone to the computer. Then, how to fix this issue and quickly get your iPhone playlists on iPhone? Read on to get detailed solutions.

How to fix iPhone playlists not showing up in iTunes

iPhone playlists not showing up in iTunes is a frequently occurred issue that can be settled via following tips.

1. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes, make sure it is syncing Music, then apply all settings and click Sync.

2. Click iTunes > ‘Check for updates..’. When the updating is done, click ‘iTunes’ > Preferences.

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Manage Iphone Apps Mac

3. Click ‘General’ and then choose ‘iCloud Music Library’ (Your Apple Music account) and ‘Add songs to My Music when you add them to your playlist’ like in the sample image below.

4. Click ‘OK’ to finish the settings. Then, go back to the main interface of iTunes.

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5. Click the iPhone device button (if the iPhone won’t connect to iTunes, check how to fix it with online guides), click “My Music Playlists” then you can find your iPhone playlists showing up in iTunes.

Bonus Tips: How to transfer playlist songs from iPhone to computer without iTunes

iPhone playlists usually contain your favorite songs in the category, and you’d better back up them to the computer in a schedule with a free iPhone data transfer tool if you don’t want to lose them when an accident happens. For transferring iPhone songs to the computer in Windows, you can’t miss EaseUS MobiMover Free, the most popular and reliable iPhone data transfer software in the market enables you to transfer data from iPhone to PC without iTunes. And the supportable files are playlists here, contacts, messages, notes, calendars, voice mails, books, Safari bookmarks & history, photos, movies, videos, music, ringtones, and audiobooks.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and run EaseUS MobiMover.

Tap ‘Trust’ on your iPhone screen and click ‘Allow’ on EaseUS MobiMover to allow this program to access your device.

Click ‘Content Management’, select ‘Audio’ > ‘Music’ to continue.

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If you want to export songs from iPhone to Mac, you need to use the EaseUS MobiMover for Mac. And the operating steps are the same.

Step 2. Select songs on iPhone and choose a safe location on your PC to transfer.

Click ‘Music’ to select desired songs that you want to transfer.

You can also navigate a new and secure location on your PC to transfer and save the selected songs by clicking ‘Settings’ at the right top corner.

Step 3. Click ‘Transfer to PC’ to finish the process.

Wait patiently until the transfering process finishes.

You can also read this guide in Français.

Are you an iOS device user who can’t play music on iPhone? Are you stuck on the problem “Apple music won’t play on iPhone/iPad/iPod”? Is your iPhone screen saying “Item Not Available — this item can’t be played”? Worry no more, for we have brought the right solutions to these problems within the context of this article.

We have treated different situations where you can meet such problems, and how best to tackle them in easy steps.

  • Part 1: Music Can’t Play On iPhone After Syncing
  • Part 2: Music Can’t Play On iPhone Caused by Music Format
  • Part 3: 5 Common iPhone Music Issues and Fixes

Part 1: Music Can’t Play On iPhone After Syncing

It has become a common problem that many iOS devices users find their music albums and tracks greyed out after syncing their iPhone, iPad or iPod to iTunes. The major source for this iOS problem range from a number of dynamic causes.

The major reason for “iPhone won’t play music” is usually from syncing issues. Sometimes, a file might be missing from your PC while it is still listed in your iTunes library.

A missing file can be a modified, deleted or corrupted as the case may be. Hence, if a file is missing from Computer but it is still listed in iTunes, after syncing, such file won’t be readable. This would result to music won’t play on iPhone, iPad or iPod.

4 Quick Ways to Fix ‘Music Won’t Play on iPhone’

  • Solution 1: If you are not using the current iTunes, it is time you update your iTunes to the most current version.
  • Solution 2: If iTunes forgets that your computer is authorized, you may need to re-authorize your computer. You can do this by clicking on Account icon on the top bar > Authorizations > Authorize This Computer.
  • Solution 3: If you synced your iPhone, iPad or iPod over a wi-fi network, you can re-sync it again using USB cable to eliminate the possibilities of network error.
  • Solution 4: Sync your music using third-party software instead of using iTunes, like the one called TunesMate.

Most Complete Solution to iPhone Music (iOS 13 Included)

iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer is a flexible iOS file transfer tool. It can be used to solve all the above iPhone won’t play music or iTunes item not available problems listed above. If you need to transfer iTunes files to iPhone or vice versa, with TunesMate, all will be done in several clicks.TunesMate supports all types of iOS file transfer including music, playlists, movies, camera roll, podcasts, iTunes U, TV shows, Audiobooks, photo library, and more!

Key Features of iMyFone TunesMate:

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  • Syncing iTunes music to iPhone without deleting the existing songs on iPhone.
  • Freely transfer files between iPhone and iTunes/PC.
  • Add files directly from computer to iPhone.
  • Enrich iTunes library from unlimited devices, even in different Apple IDs.
  • Restore iTunes library when iTunes crashed or files lost after updating.
  • Highly spoken of by hundreds of media, like Geekreply, tricksworldzz.com, etc.

Steps of Using TunesMate to Add Music to iPhone

TunesMate is the one-stop-shop solution for controlling, managing and transferring iOS files. This can be smartly done with the following step:

Step 1: Run TunesMate on your PC.

Step 2: Go to Music icon on the top menu, there you can add local music to iPhone, export music to iTunes/PC, delete unwanted music, edit music info, manage playlists, etc.

(Note: If you want to transfer iTunes files to iPhone, then go the home interface and click “Transfer iTunes files to iDevices”.)

Part 2: Music Can’t Play On iPhone Caused by Music Format.

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod users believes that apple default music app can play all types of music format. That concept is erroneous, and may be the reason why you are still asking “why won’t my music play?” Some music file format like FLAC and HD music are not supported. The truth is that Apple is much interested in promoting their own music Apple lossless format (ALAC) for obvious reasons.

Here are some of the music formats supported by iOS.

  • AAC (8 to 320 Kbps)
  • Protected AAC (from iTunes Store)
  • HE-AAC
  • MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps)
  • MP3 VBR
  • Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+)

Part 3: 5 Common iPhone Music Issues and Fixes

iPhone is a great smartphone, but there are much changes that needs to be effected when it comes to playing music and other media files on iPhone. We shall be discussing some of the problems that relate to “iTunes item not available”.

5 Most reported Apple music problems

The following iPhone music app problems have been reported by users.

  1. iPhone’s Music Player app can’t play music off-line on iPhone
  2. Greyed out songs on iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  3. WMV Music file format not supported by iPhone’s music player app.
  4. Songs won’t play on iPhone after syncing
  5. Playlist can’t be added to your iCloud Music Library

How to Fix The Above 5 Most Reported Apple Music Problems

#1. iPhone’s Music Player app can’t play music off-line on iPhone

Apple Music made some fundamental upgrade to the way iOS Music App works. With iCloud, your downloads in Music Library are automatically uploaded to the cloud in order to be accessible to your other devices.

Apple Music made some fundamental upgrade to the way iOS Music App works. With iCloud, your downloads in Music Library are automatically uploaded to the cloud in order to be accessible to your other devices.

Here are the steps on how to play music off-line on iPhone.

• Step 1: open your iPhone Music App and scroll to Playlist > Album > Artist or Song that you want to download.
• Step 2: Mark the ellipsis menu icon, and select Make Available Offline before downloading.
• Step 3: After downloading, you will see an icon indicating that the song is available for offline listening.

#2. Greyed out songs on iPhone, iPad or iPod:

If you find some of your favorite songs greyed out, and unable to play on your iOS device. Here is what to do to fix the issue.

Find My Iphone App Mac

• Step 1: Backup all your music folders to iTunes, and update your music library.
• Step 2: Reboot your iPhone and sync back your music library. This would solve the problem.

#3. WMV Music file format not supported by iPhone’s music player app

The following guide would help you to learn a convenient method of converting WMV music format to any iPhone compatible format listed above. Here are the steps:

• Step 1: Find and use a WMV music file format converter like TunesMate.

#4. Songs won’t play on iPhone after syncing

If your iPhone won’t play music, you can consider syncing again and deleting all music files from settings.

• Step 1: Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Music
• Step 2: Then click ‘Edit’, click the ‘All songs’ line and click ‘Delete.’

#5. Playlist can’t be added to your iCloud Music Library

Iphone Wont Show Up In Music App Mac 2017

The best way to solve playlist error problem is to manually add the songs in the old library to a new one. The new playlist can then be added to iCloud Music Library.

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